Real Estate & Property Development
Real Estate & Property Development
Residential, commercial, and mixed-use markets

While HVM Group invests in a wide range of industries, real assets — particularly real estate and infrastructure — are a primary focus of our investment strategy. The company’s major motivation of investing in real estate is to get increased return on investment and generate a passive income stream. HVM Group is considered a leader in tax-transparent, research-aided, high-potential real estate investment. When investing in real estate, our primary focus is on income and value enhancement, and we achieve this by developing the site, making it fit for rentals and blue chip covenant leases.


The property development expertise brought forward by the HVM Group includes an extensive range of work within the residential, commercial, and mixed-use markets. As an industry leading company specializing in both commercial and residential development, the HVM Group creates value through site identification, efficient land acquisition, procuring optimal entitlements, directing the property development process, and leasing of assets to achieve its value-generation goals. With a solid financial base, HVM Group  has earned itself a reputation for decisive deal making within the international real estate investment community with forward thinking development company specialising in the construction of high-quality residential dwellings

The HVM Group has been a dependable supplier of refined petroleum products to the local and international markets for over 7 years. We are key suppliers of quality gasoline, distillate fuels, and lighter petroleum products in the British market with a well established network of business and financial partners in the UAE and globally. Our state-of-the-art refineries are equipped to refine crude oil of all grades and produce a wide range of cleaner fuels for future generations. The HVM Group has built a reputation of excellence by producing superior quality refined petroleum products in an environmentally-accepted manner.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
A dependable supplier of refined petroleum
HVM Group lead an international team
With years of experience, HVM Group lead an international team of young and gifted individuals working in the fashion industry whom possess the right attitude, stimulating imagination, creating originality. HVM Group understands the creative processes behind each garment- The end result is a product that sells in the arena of urban fashion both in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. By keeping the customer as priority, our clothing designs have suitably evolved to meet changing trends, increasing global clientele.

VOI is “You” ….You is “VOI”.

Established in 1988, VOI is forging ahead in the world of fashion having a strong brand culture
which produces “progressive styled clothing that is cutting-edge and on trend, without the severe price tags”.

Here at HVM Group, the crafting of the distinguished denim jean is a painstaking process that requires perfection. Every stitch and seam, cut and trim is carefully considered for position and purpose.

“VOI” means “You” in Italian. The brand slogan emphasises VOI’s commitment to customer experience and satisfaction – “Engineered for You”. VOI is now achieving unprecedented global growth.

B Couture

Established in 2013, B Couture, the latest and most pioneering British brand combines sporting heritage with a sharp modern twist, whilst taking into consideration the wants and needs of the mainstream denim fashion conscious.

We bring to life the intricate detail of the traditional hunter’s apparel and create innovative premium garments. Our range is made up of original denims in three fits all priding themselves on excellent detailing, finely cut shirts and premium knitwear. To complete the brand we have a range of footwear, belts, bags and aftershaves.

We constantly reinforce our premium positioning, whilst ensuring that we have something challenging, interesting and different to say with B Couture. This is done through strong marketing and PR campaigns. The world is our hunting ground; a marketplace saturated with big names and ad campaigns Bucks and Co is bold, memorable and original.

HVM Group is a conscientious corporate citizen that understands that its responsibilities go beyond the services it provides to a wide range of industries. We realise that we have an obligation to help those who are underprivileged. Therefore, we regularly take part in charitable events and activities. Our charity work includes schooling and housing projects in several Third World countries, including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and parts of Africa. HVM Group supports fund-raising activities and other initiatives towards helping people in war-stricken regions, including parts of the Middle East and Africa. In addition to this, we focus on helping the deprived segments of society through corporate donations to charitable causes.
Diverse people stacking hands together
We regularly take part in charitable events and activities